Were I King, Things Would Be Different Around Here...
It has come to my attention that sometime's the world is as it oughtn't be... "How ought it be?", you may ask? Well, how fortunate you should ask such a question, because I happen to have been thinking of various ways the world ought to change. I will add to the list periodically, and if you have any further suggestions, email them to me, they just might make my list (which, by the way, would be a very big deal).
Musicals should be organized and randomly performed on the streets of Philadelphia

Cartoons are mandatory. There is no room for argument here. Watch cartoons

Smile more often. Too many people walk around looking like they just got their fingers          chopped off

Everything ought to be guaranteed for life. Everything

No cheating on anybody. The punishment for cheating is that you may never again               have anybody. No cheating. Get me?

Use a trash can. For the love of God. It's a pretty simple thing to do.

Don't lie. Unless it can save someone's life. And never lie under oath. Just forget about           lying. Tell the truth and take your punishment.

Don't as k a question unless you want the answer

If someone asks you a question, answer them.

No child ought to die when it could have been prevented.

No child should go a single year without experiencing Christmas

If you see someone who looks like they need money, give it to them

Stop being afraid. It only stops us from doing what we really want. Use it as a tool to               push you foward, not as a road block that holds you back.